Saturday, July 5, 2014

Teacup Poodle vs Toy Poodle vs Miniature Poodle vs Standard Poodle

Many people don't know that my new brother's range comes in all sizes, hahahaa!!!

The standard size Poodle is more or less equivalent to those of Dalmations. So no, my brother is not that big, coming down the list is Miniature Poodle, its half the size and no, my brother is still smaller then a miniature. Next up we have the Toy Poodle, my brother is a little bigger then this, so you might be asking what is he!! Well, I can tell you, he is a monster, he mischievously wrecks up a mess when he is left alone for too long! Ok, jokes aside, he is what the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognized as Medium Poodle or Moyen. He is smaller compared to a Miniature Poodle, but larger next to a Toy Poodle. 

Besides the above, there is still an unrecognized but widely loved size, the Teacup Poodle, or some calls it Tea Poodle. You can literally place him into a teacup and he is just slightly larger then my biggest family breed, the Syrian Hamster.

Anyways, I believe most of you have actually skipped the above and went straight to the picture below, well, like my master says, pictures are worth a thousand words, but I describe everything in less then a thousand words, so do I get my favourite treat please, the Vitakraft!!

Poodle comparison sizes
Poodle Sizes Chart
So there you go, you can now better imagine Standard Poodle vs Tea Poodle, or Miniature Poodle vs Toy Poodle, or Toy Poodle vs Tea Poodle!

Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm back!!

We have been away, and back on popular demand, well, you didn't demand it, its just that my master got bored, you know, after he broke up more thn a year ago, oh come one, move on already, get a life master!!

Anyway, he was so bored that we went digging, yeah, hamsters like to dig! So always give us more bedding and sands to bath in!! Ok ok, back to the topic, so we went on some tough digging, he was on the verge of killing my relative!! No, not the rat, the mouse! For some reason, it doesn't squeak anymore, it just goes, *click*, *click click*, *click*........ I fear my days are here soon too. If you don't see me here anymore, please, please, don't call the cops, just get my master a new and faithful girlfriend.

Now, back to the digging, what he dug upon touched him, well, actually it was me climbing up onto his shoulder *teehee*, so what I saw was the traffic to my blog! Blackie's blog! Was fantastic even after being dormant for so long.

So we made a pact, or rather I bit the blood out of him, to continue on this blog so everyone can continue to read interesting facts, my life, and how to care for your daily hamster pet.

Remember, with great hamsters, comes great appetite!!


Friday, August 19, 2011


Today, SOCCER!!

Well, if you were wondering, my new partner in crime, yes, he is among the smaller breeds in his kind, a TOY POODLE, but how can a hamster, especially an AGOUTI WINTER WHITE play against him!! Are you just insane??

Well, anyway, today am having a sports day since its TGIF today! If you are wondering, TGIF = Thank God Its Friday. That means owners will be home tomorrow to take care of us after an exhausting day. Well, why I say soccer, cause one of the event will involve me in the ball. You can't see me though.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back

Hi all, I am official back, now after finally settling in to our new home, and new best buddies for life. We will have a lot to look for. And in future, I will teach you something Milo (toy poodle) taught me about him. So stay tune once a week.

p/s: I can do once a month, but will strive and try my best to do once a week, as my master is busy working and is hogging the internet all to himself. :angry:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Its time to come back

After a long holiday, it is time to really come back and kick start this blog.

A thing to note about the blog, it will no longer be solely on hamster, but it will share with a toy poodle. Expect to read more on puppy care in the next few posts.

Friday, January 14, 2011

New addition to the family, Milo the toy poodle

Well, I know this is suppose to be a hamster thread, but since I am too busy hiding and running from my master, I hardly have time to update, so now, this blog will be shared with the new family member, MILO THE TOY POODLE, I don't get it why they call him red colour, cause to me he seems brown, but after a little goodle, maybe red is correct, a little apricot perhaps. But I still don't understand why they say its red. Red should be like blood.

Anyway, this guy here is just about 3months plus, though still a young puppy, this toy poodle is consider the smallest in the poodle family, they have the normal breed poodle, the very active miniature poodle, and this lazy but sometimes crazy active toy poodle. There is however a smaller kind of poodle, but the life expectancy is very low, as they are specially breeded by those breeder who care more about money than anything. These poodles can fit into your cup/mug.

Although he is the smallest in the poodle family, and youngest in our family, he is so much more bigger, even bigger than that bully Syrian. Anyway, I bet you want to take a peak on how our new famiily member looks like, so here you go

Friday, November 19, 2010

No we are NOT!

Here is another example of being mistaken

No, thats not us, neither me nor the BULLY (Syrian), its the PIGS! Just look at how they eat, they are so much more of a pig compared to the BULLY, hence, thats why they are called the Guinea Pig. And it is so unfair, they even have movies, they have the G-Force, heck, we are better than them in many ways, we are cuter and smaller and cuter, and less chubby, and cute, and eat less, and cute and so many more!!!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Food consumption

As you all have known, the BULLY next door (cage) has a really big appetite. She has been eating and eating and eating. My gosh, what she eats for a day could suffice my 3day meal at least.And because of that, my masters has finished giving us my favourite food, VITA! Now we are eating those budget food! I am starting to lose that nice glow in my fur. And I think my master has noticed it too, so now even me is eating more, not because its delicious, rather I wish to finish it ASAP so they will buy VITA on the next shopping spree.

I don't want this

I want this!
and this!

The reason is, eating healthy gives us a nicer coat! And we will be healthy too in the long run. Though some of you might feel its just two to three years, but that is a lifetime for us, and to trade a few extra $$ for a healthier hamster to accompany you shouldn't be too much. Unless you have a big family of BULLY

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet the 10 day old baby dolphin that was saved.

November 4 tourists vacationing in Uruguay, was found on the beach a little delfinenka with traces of a fishing net on the body. Fortunately, the baby was saved - it passed in the caring hands of local professionals Marine Reserve 

Apparently, this kid is only 10 days old. Unfortunately, the mother of the little dolphin can not find, so employees of the organization «SOS Fauna Marina» feeding him milk from a bottle

Great crested penguin with interest see the salvation of delfinenka in his new home - Marine Reserve, located in the town of Punta Colorada, in the department of Maldonado, Uruguay

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My cousin, the Syrian Hamster

To those who did not choose my family line the winter white, first of all, I just want to say that you missed out a lot, as we are cute and adorable, we are very good pets!

Now, for this first post, I will be talking about the BULLY in our big family, the SYRIANS. 

In terms of size, we are way tinier than them hence the BULLY

Well, now you believe me! And if anyone were to do this without supervision, you can expect preparing a funeral for my brother the Winter White. Always remember, never house a different breed of hamster together, even if the same breed, there are a chance that we will kill each other, this is just a natural instincts of us, we are very territorial, though they might be in the same family, but having different parents means we will fight for the land. ROAR!!!

Its an almost always absolute death for any other breed when they are left alone with the Bully Syrians. 

The only time when we can bully them and still have a chance at winning is when they are still baby Syrians

Ok ok ok, lets stop all those war, and admire how pretty they are

Despite all the things that I have said, they are the dumbest of all, just like the usual bully that you meet at school, how successful are they now compared to you? HAHAHA. So in a sense they would make an excellent pet as well, since that they are so big, they tend to be slower than most of us, and because they are so big, they normally still survives when not being handled properly especially by kids. As for us, the smaller size hamsters, it really hurt when the kids squeezes us too hard, or drops us on the floor, some of us might pass away if we are not strong enough.

And finally, the sex part. If you have bought a Syrian hamster, don't just trust what the pet shop owner says, no, you should not buy them in pair, they will fight, yes, you don't see them fighting then, but when they are a little older, normally within 2 months, they will start fighting, and you might say you will supervise, when they fight you will separate them, sure, that is if you can be there 24/7, and don't sleep, else, you will find both or all of them dead, if you are lucky enough, you might still have one still standing, but wounded. And you will have to send it to the vet to be treated. So why lose your hamster and waste money for a trip to the vet, just don't house more than one Syrian together, but it is ok if you want to buy more than one, just make sure each one of them has a 2ft plastic tank (minimum requirement). And when sexing them, refer to the image below

Well, that should be all about my cousin the Syrian, until next time, bye bye